This Japanese wrestler will melt your heart!

Hello!I am D´Adine Yokozuna Yusha

I was born on 5.1.2018 in Odessa. I am a beautiful tall female and a typical representative of the Tosa Inu breed.

On this site you will find interesting information about the impressive dog breed Tosa Inu, our photos and also how we are doing at the dog shows.

We have also established a certified Kennel and soon you can find information about planned litter and puppies. Watch us! :-)


We were on TV in the show Polopatě


Why are Tosa Inu so exceptional?

Tosa is a very inteligent dog

Tosa barks only if its necessary

Tosa is extra patient and loyal pet

Tosa Inu does not need long walks

Previous experience with dogs is not required 

Intelligence of Tosa Inu has been compared to that of a 4-year-old child.

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