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About Tosa Inu

We are indeed an impressive, aristocratic  and powerful giant breed. But we are also sweet, affectionate pets who loves their families, especially if they have kids. I think this is maybe a luxury to have, don’t you?

History of Tosa Inu

We have a very proud history and you can find many true stories of Tosa Inu who risked or sacrificed their lives to protect their masters and his property.

Other names for Tosa Inu are Japanese Tosa, Tosa Ken or Japanese Mastiff.

Tosa Inu Breed comes from Japan where we were bred by Samurais for dog Sumo wrestling. The aim of these matches, however, was not to hurt the opponent, but to overwhelm him without any hurt.

The Samurais were so fascinated by the brilliant tactics of Tosa Inu in the matches that they drew and wrote down new grips, and then transferred them to their martial arts. In these dog sports games, only dogs always competed, while females guarded and companied their families.


Tosa Inu is still considered to be Japan's national treasure and they enjoy the same fame as some of human celebrities.


Temperament of Tosa Inu

Dog breeds that probably contributed to the form of today's Tosa Inu were: Bernard, Mastiff, Great Dane, Bloodhound, English Pointer, German Pointer and Bull Terrier.

The characteristics of all these breeds can be still seen in the Tosa Inu: relaxed and patient like Bernard, powerful like the Mastiff, affectionate and sensitive like the Great Dane, independent like the Bloodhound, brilliant nose like the English Pointer, intelligent as a German Pointer and fearless like the Bull Terrier.

We are dogs of gentle soul who generally get along well with other dogs, animals and people. We are extremely intelligent dogs with brilliant guarding instincts. With your Tosa Inu you will be always safe! :-)

Because of our patience and calmness we are often used in Canistherapy, intelligence and strength also make Tosa an ideal helper in rescue and security operations.

Our brilliant nose and sense of team play are also often appreciated by the security forces in search of drugs.

How to take care of Tosa Inu?

Lovingly! :) In comparison to other breeds, we do not require long walks, at an early age it is advisable to take Tosa Inu baby only on short walks to help our joints and bones develop correctly.

Taking care of our coat is not difficult. For example, mine gets combed every week with a soft brush. 

In addition to grooming our coat, I also need my nail trimmed approximately every month, also check and clean our ears weekly, and brush our teeth from time to time (by brush or dental treats).


I enjoy such regular maintenance and care. Moreover, it extends my life and strengthen the relationship between me and my mum.


Is Tosa Inu suitable for you?

Tosa Inu is a wonderful dog companion and protector. They are giants with a very sensitive soul. Tosa Inu responds very well to the human voice and its intonation, it is easy to talk to her about everything.

Due to the low threshold of excitement it is a breed suitable for families with children or other animals.


Tosa Inu do not require much walking. Of course, they like to go out into the nature where they can run freely, but they will appreciate it if you are not too of an active sportsman.

Tosa Inu are not suitable for outdoor breeding. They love the company and the warmth of a family hearth. In pens they are unhappy and sad.

Tosa Inu is incredibly storable breed and therefore they fit into the apartment, no matter how large it is. Basically, if you have a place for a soft bed and bowls for food and water, your Tosa Inu will be happy :)

Do you consider welcoming Tosa Inu in your home?

... ... or do you just have questions about something you read here? Write to us, call, or just bark. :-) You can also subscribe to "news", which will be mainly about the information about the upcoming puppies.

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