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Mirai Inu

how it all started :)

D'Adine Yokozuna Yusha

My name is Adinka, I was born on January 5, 2018 in Odessa, I weigh about 60 kg and measure approx 80 cm at my neck. I am the daughter of the beautiful Anzu (Yokozuna Yusha) and of the legendary Masurian Samurai named Isamu. My mother was looking for me for a long time.

I am always well tuned and cheerful. My good mood will not be spoiled by early mornings or even heavy rain. I always chuckle and my good mood is quite contagious. When I am very nauthy, my mother teases me to pack my bags and go back to Ukraine :)

I love visits. I welcome everybody with kisses and hugs. However, every visit must be accepted by someone from the family, I would not let a stranger into the apartment without the presence of an authorized person.

I love traveling! When I go by car, I always sleep. In the summer I slept in the car for 14 hours and my mother kept looking back if I was in the car at all.

I don't like swimming, because I'm drowning :)

Yeah, and I'm pretty greedy as Mom says. I usually tell her back: "everything is mine :)"



Mirai Inu- our story

Tosa Inu Kennel

At the beginning we were looking for a dog that will be a perfect friend and protector of the family. After getting acquainted with this admirable breed and acquiring the first Tosa Inu (Ina, so our first female was named) in 2011, it was clear that there started a friendship and hobby for our entire life.

We are a family based Kennel. Our Tosa Inu are  members of our family.

Fascinated by this breed, we would also like to introduce Tosa Inu to you and share the joy that they has brought to our lives.


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About Tosa Inu



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